ENoVate Hangs EZ® Fence Post Hanger

We have many choices of this hanger for you to choose from. The choices include a black hanger with a variety of inserts including a leaves and vine insert in one color and then a solid insert in a variety of colors. And stay tuned as we anticipate adding other hanger colors in the future with a variety of color inserts. Both the hanger portion and the insert are made from recyclable plastic. Product colors are approximate and subtle changes may occur due to the manufacturing process. Our hanger fits the standard round metal fence post (2 3/8″ diameter) commonly used with residential wood-stockade fences. If you’re unsure if your fence post will work, please check out our Gallery page for some great examples. Scroll down on this page and you’ll be able to view the selections individually by hanger color type.

Weight Limits and Restrictions on Use
The ENoVate Hangs EZTM fencepost plant hanger is designed for suspending items that weigh no more than 8 – 10 pounds. Using this product to display items that exceed 10 pounds in weight could result in damage or design stress to the plant hanger which in turn would affect its performance. The product is not designed for use during freezing temperatures nor during periods of wind gusts. As with many plastic items, prolonged exposure of the hanger to sunshine and excessive heat will result in color fading and brittleness. We are currently developing a hanger version that can better withstand areas exposed to the sun for long periods of the day. Although the product has been treated for protection against ultra-violet rays from exposure to the sun, periodic inspections should be performed over time to determine if the product can no longer be used for displaying heavier items and, consequently, should be replaced.
Disclaimer of Liability for Items Used with our Products

Although we know we have an obligation with regards to the performance of our products, we cannot accept liability for items that are used with our products.

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Customer Reviews

We would love for you to provide us with your opinion on our product after you’ve had the opportunity to put it to use. Also, please consider including a photo or two of your hanger in use. Until we have a dedicated section on our website for sharing customer reviews, we’re asking our customers to provide their opinions and photos of the product in use by sending them to our Customer Service email at customerservice@valiantskyventures.com.

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