Designing this Product

The Primary Objectives VSV aspired to Achieve were to Create a Garden Hanger that would be

Easy To Use



We achieved our objective with the ENoVate Hangs EZ fence post hanger. This hanger attaches to the fence post without any tools, and installation only takes a matter of seconds. Our customers refer to the patented ENoVate Hangs EZ fence post hanger as a one-of-a-kind fantastic product. And very importantly, the manufacturer makes the hanger proudly in America using recyclable plastic. If you have a question that we haven’t touched on in our FAQs please feel free to reach out to us and we will gladly help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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With three easy steps:
  1. Fit the Loop of the hanger around your fence post.
  2. Snap the bottom clasp around the post.
  3. Hang your items and make your neighbors jealous!
Unfortunately not because the hanger only works on round metal fence posts commonly used with wooden stockade fences. It’s very important to note that the top of your metal fence post must have enough space behind the post as well as enough vertical space to accommodate the upper clasp of the hanger. If you’re not sure that this product will work for you please visit the Gallery Page for examples.
Sit tight, as we plan to roll out a fence post hanger for square wooden fence posts in the future!
Yes, we anticipate including additional solid panel insert colors over time and this will depend on our customers’ interest, so please let us know what color(s) you would like for us to add to the collection. We will likely conduct an online survey to help us determine additional colors.
The hanger can currently hold items that weigh up to 20 pounds.
Yes, but you should always be mindful of extreme weather conditions, such as long periods of high and low temperatures. Our product includes an ultra-violet (UV) additive to help protect the hanger from the sun’s UV rays and to help keep this hanger hangin’. Also, you may want to temporarily remove items from the hanger during periods of strong wind events – our hanger will hold up against the wind, however, items hanging on the hanger may not.
As with many plastic items used in the outdoor environment, prolonged exposure of the hanger to the sunshine and excessive heat will result in color fading and brittleness over time.